Saturday, January 25, 2014

secret email reveals - part 1


It's been a really long while since the last time I wrote in this blog.
because there's nothing I want to write, so, I decide to reveal some secret. after all, not many people read my blog. meh.

I want to reveal my series of email for Satoshi kun that I sent for his birthday project last year.
There are more than 26 email. Because it will be a long post if I put it all together, so I'll divide it in a few parts.

here we go.
Oh, btw, Shochan! otanjoubi omedetou! XD

1 Nov.2013 (arashi discovery)
Dear Satoshi,
I'm IKKI, from Indonesia. yoroshiku ne. :)
you know, I really like cats. Basically I love animal.
I'd like to have a cat as a pet, but my father didn't allowed me.
so, someday, when I became Obaasan, I wanna adopt 12 cats in  my house.
nee, Satoshi kun,
when you became Ojiisan, do you have things that you really wanna do?

2 Nov.2013 (PARADOX)
 Dear Satoshi kun,
Good Morning. it's me again, IKKI desu.:)
This is my 2nd email.from now, I'll send an email per each day. yoroshiku onegaishimasu.Btw, I like Paradox PV, it have a mature feel.on black and white scene, I really want to know what is the exactly word you're said on that scene.I always thought that you're saying 'I want you tonight'... or is not like that? haha..
ja, Satoshi kun, will you tell me the right words?
please say it to me with mature-like, as in PV.

 3 nov.2013 (Blablabla)
 Dear Satoshi kun,
Hello, It's me again, IKKI desu.
this time, my 3rd email. It's raining now, in my country.
recently, there's something annoying me.
I've a friend who always react skeptical over and over again if something didn't go well in his way. anytime he will do blabering... it's kinda annoying.
When it happened, I only can keep silent.
say, do you ever meet such person, Satoshi kun?

4 Nov.2013 (Drama)
 Dear Satoshi kun,
Good afternoon, how do you do? It's IKKI from Indonesia. here, the weather is raining again.
Yesterday was 14th Arashi CD debut, congratulation! good joob! :D
this is my 4th email.
uh, Satoshi kun and other member have been in many dorama with many different role, right?
If choosing a role is allowed, what role do you want to play?
and what role do you want to see for other member?

5th Nov. 2013 (weasel)

Dear Satoshi kun,
good morning.Sorry, It's IKKI again. This is my 5th email. I'm thinking to practice FUNKY dance right now. Looking forward to LOVE concert~. :D
E?... what was that? This is bad! when it's evening, suddenly there's a weasel running around in my attic, making a noisy sound. 
somehow, I can't sleep =3=;
What should I do Satoshi kun?


After I re-read again those email, I realize what is the reason that Satoshi kun never read my mails on his radio show.
just don't tell me what you think about my emails. just keep it in your mind. okay. so, no one will be offended.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

baked marshmallow umaretahi project

In the end of october, when I read translation of arashi discovery, suddenly I got an idea, Let's send an email to Satoshi kun via yokohamaFM. More over, it's Ohnovember, why I don't send him daily email till 26th nov instead, huh?

what a briliant idea, what a sweet idea... what a troublesome idea.

I must think a topic or question everyday, my Japanese is questionable, and I'm a worst writer. Can I get his attention to read my messege?

I've started this project since 1st November till now.

so, exhausted.

from cat to adult topic I've bring out, crap.. when I read again my sent email, I really want to jump over a cliff through a waterfall and fall to an endless hole. hontouni hazukashi.

maa,ne everything for my baked marshmallow *fuuuuaaaaa* I can hold this emberassment feel till 26th.

boku ganbarimasu.

Monday, April 22, 2013

智 ソロ まぶしすぎる

i can't get enough of this.
even an earthquake can't get me calm from this.

actually I really trying to avoid every single of spoiler, but I CAN'T!

4th may looks a year for me now dude!

so, forgive me Satoshi kun. 
you're so tempting.

this is only for my bookmark in case I want to meet you again. immediately.

futari no sanctuary

そして、この夜に、夢の中で 会える ねえ。 今すぐ。智 くん 💋。

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

arashi popcorn dvd cover

popcorn dvd cover!

nice cover I think. :)

bye bye first press! again! DUH!

May is still long way to go.

until that, I'll patiently wait.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Arashi Music station 1st March 2013

FIUH... so tired being excited and gigling after watched Music station recently.
like Arashisto knew, there're Arashi and SMAP being guests in that bangumi.

Arashi was performing Breathless and calling.
SMAP with Battery and mistakes! 


and, you know what happened when Nakai and Ohno talked?
yeah it was disaster, so chaotic. hillarious. XD

Ugh, they're so HOT! with black outfit and at last!! we're able to hear their new single long ver.!

and this Ohno with Nakai in the end of bangumi. :D

oh, BTW, these screencaps wasn't mine though, It was from my tumblr buddy, I just didn't have time to take screencaps, too busy to mesmerizing Arashi and SMAP.

Jaa, ne.